Strategic Partners | For Holistic Data Analytical Solutions


Translating Business Needs Into Analytical Solutions

Delivering complete and holistic solutions to our clients is what we aim at in all our engagements. We also understand it is humanly impossible to have all of the capabilities in-house. Hence, we have established several strategic partnerships with leading complimentary solution providers with a view to:

Some of our key Strategic Partners are:

Germane Strategic Partners

We have partnered with Yellowfin International Pty Ltd ( - a fast emerging BI software provider with over 1,000,000 end-users and tens of thousands of clients in over 70 countries. Leaders in Mobile BI, Collaborative BI and Location Intelligence, Yellowfin's business-user-oriented BI solution provides a balance between the self-service Data Discovery demands of end-users and the governance requirements of enterprise IT. Through this strategic partnership, Germane Analytics is empowering businesses of every size and scale to operationalize BI solution quickly and reap the business benefits perennially - without sacrificing business agility.

Yellowfin BI

We have partnered with Jeeva Informatics Solutions LLC (, a cloud-based Genomics and Bioinformatics solutions provider based in Montgomery County, Maryland, USA.

In collaboration with Jeeva, we endeavour providing On-Demand Virtual Bioinformatics Analytical Solutions to life science customers faced with data deluge from next-generation sequencing platforms such as Illumina. Utilizing the Amazon elastic cloud infrastructure, this partnership offers genomics bigdata management / analysis / interpretation services to clinical and agricultural customers.

Jeeva Informatics